My Dear Diary

Phew! That was a long entry yesterday… but enough with the term paper on bioengineering. Let’s see if we can find a fun, interesting site, shall we? Or how about merely creepy, as in this voyeuristic oddity, My Dear Diary, which shows once again that people will go to any length to draw attention to themselves.

As if the Jerry Springer Show’s existence weren’t proof enough of the concept, witness actual people writing their actual diaries on the world wide web. What possesses people to generate content for commercial companies without any desire for remuneration? Next thing you know, people will voluntarily wear advertising on their shirts, or baseball caps. Or maybe even get a company’s logo tattooed on them.

Anyway, for a particularly horrendous display of bad poetry, courtesy of My Dear Diary, please see this entry by a woman who has chosen the nom de keyboarde of The Vixen. Ahem.