circular references

p>Hmm… I don’t know if it falls under the "Great minds think alike" catchall, or if it’s merely the increasingly self-referential nature of the web, but nearly every site that’s linked to me the past few days is also of interest to me.

If I were a spreadsheet, I would be labeled !Circular Reference! or something like that, I should think.

Anyway, much thanks to Jason Kottke of, which I incidentally love the design of… ahhh, white space. Another link, and yet more "Oooh, why didn’t I think of that?" content at Lindsay Marsh’s Weblog, she’s my current favorite across-the-pond log. (Yes, linking is equivalent to flattery on the web in the currency of "will get you everywhere".)

Erratum: Eeek! Revealed my ugly American-centricism by assuming Lindsay a woman. My deepest apologies

Also, upon persusal of the source for Jason’s site, I find he has a penchant for listing (in comments of course) upcoming topics on his page. If he’s at all like me, they’re mental notes for a future time when they will be fleshed out. Perhaps I’m pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz a little bit here, but it seemed neat that this technique is so popular in weblogs.

Although his comments say "this is the worst use of CSS ever…I should be ashamed of myself" I would fear that my feeble attempts are deserving of that description, too.