This one's for Yosemite Sam

This one’s sublime: “What’s your favorite kitchen sound?

This one’s the truth, finally. The most eloquent dismissal of User Generated Discontent (or in this case, nominal competitor-generated discontent) yet written:

It does, however, drive me nuts that you guys clearly take the influence and then blast us every chance you get…[T]he slamming, hyping up the dreams … none of that is necessary. It’s destructive. And what you don’t seem to get is that it doesn’t even help you at all…

One of my personal missions in life is to help people express themselves creatively because I think that the expression of human creativity is one of the things that gives purpose to the universe. In one sense, I think that’s what we’re here for. And that mission applies to you two as well.

You hear that, kids? Intellectual dishonesty doesn’t pay! I couldn’t have articulated it better myself, even when I tried to.

This one’s just for me — Prince: Perfumer, Macy’s Shopper, and Verizon Subscriber. This may be the very first time Pitchfork’s ever made something I had even a vague interest in reading.

This one’s a shame: Brittney Gilbert leaves “Nashville is Talking”. The pioneer of bringing traditional local media into the brave new world of social media has had enough of the bullshit. Brittney Gilbert found herself the victim of stupidity for highlighting someone else’s stupidity on a TV stations’ blog. While some of the User Generated Malcontents might see this as a victory, I’ve learned from experience that’s better to take care of one’s own sanity than to try to prove that you’re tough enough to withstand an angry mob.

This one is still the one-and-only manual that can explain exactly how to get a number one single.

And then this is fair warning that next week is all about mangoes, minus some diversions into Best of LOL.