Evanescence of the Treekillers

I like PC Magazine, and I’ve been reading it for pretty much my whole life, but I still can’t help but think that the homepage for opinion columns contains two different Editors-in-Chief’s “goodbye” articles. I’m the kind of nerd who still enjoys reading computer magazines, and as often as not I’ll grab a PC Mag or PC World or something like that before I hop on a plane, just as a reminder of how interesting it can be to see technology in that context. (Any news or reviews covered by the print issue have almost always been discussed to death online by the time the magazine comes out.)

It’s interesting to see how this has played out across the tech magazine space. InfoWorld recently killed their print magazine entirely. And eWeek had a recent print redesign where the magazine now features a narrative-based lead section called “Upfront” that pretty openly apes the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town, but in a nerdy context. Surprisingly, it works pretty well, and it makes me enjoy reading the content in print form, as opposed to just skimming online. I’m hoping at least a handful of these magazines find a way to make a go of it in print, now that their audiences aren’t relying on print for any time-sensitive tech news.