iZines, not eBooks

I’ve been wanting a portable magazine reader device for ages (everyone focuses on ebooks, but my attention span is too short) so I have to point out Texterity’s magazines for the iPhone, especially because so many magazines that I like are already being published this way, including ReadyMade, Vibe, Make, Craft, Baseline, and others.

A couple of caveats worth noting: I have a pretty simple policy about blogging things that I originally receive as an email pitch from a PR company — I don’t do it. I’m making an exception here because this seems useful, and I’d have linked to it if I found it through any other means. Also, I’m a little troubled by the idea of building web experiences for a single user agent (Safari Mobile) on a single device, even though the geek in me loves such things, and even though I use these services myself. Isn’t this what the mobile CSS profile was supposed to be for?