Snoop Dogg can see the future

Now that his single Sensual Seduction (a.k.a. Sexual Eruption) is in the Top 10, it’s official: Snoop Dogg can see the future. First, let’s pause to watch the best video in the history of anything, ever. (The song is about four minutes long, so you’ll want to allot approximately half an hour so that you can watch it in its entirety at least six times.)

Though the song has been out a few months, I had somehow missed the video when it was first released, and now I can barely express how profound my regret is that I have lived a few more weeks of my life without this video in it. That being said, we have a lot to learn from, here. I’ll be exploring that in my next few posts.

(Special note to the Universal Music Group: I’ve been trying mightily to promote your product, and yet you are so intent on sucking ass that I can’t even embed your video on my blog. N.B. I’d have been happy to do so with your ads wrapped around it. Meanwhile, there’s about 1,000 other copies of it on both YouTube and Brightcove. Weak! Also, given that this is a Snoop video, I think that while the video is buffering, it should say “Loading, Player” instead of “Loading Player”. Thanks!)