I'm on the Internet!

Because my name and my big ole’ head are sitting on top of this page, it’s probably not making the self-indulgence any worse to collect a few links to some recent places I’ve popped up online:

  • Gawker recommendedmy Twitter account as one to follow after Krucoff posted a list to Young Manhattanite based on Rex‘s suggestions. The strange thing to me is that Gawker is (still!) such a presence in media circles in NYC that 6,000 people would actually read such a thing. Of course, they’re all just wannabees — real Gawker credit comes from having been at the launch party five years ago. I’m just sayin’. (For more, similarly inane insights, add me on Twitter!)
  • I helped Charlene Li (a.k.a. The Best Tech Industry Analyst) save $8.33 by offering up my testimonial about the Clear card. That’s enough to pay for a subscription to dashes.com for more than a year!
  • Mat Honan wrote a piece in Wired about The Big Word Project, the scam website where people pay for words. My site shows up because it’s the link for the word “purple“, even though I didn’t do it myself. I blame Mike.
  • CRN has a (really very good) look at what the technology industry wants from the Presidential candidates, with responses from the likes of Bill Gates and Paul Otellini. Inexplicably, I’m in there, too: “The No. 1 thing we want to see is elected officials use social networking tools online as a tool for governance and for leadership when in office, just as they do to get elected.” Basically, I am tired of politicians treating web communities as an ATM for their campaigns, instead of seeing the web as an opportunity for fixing government.
  • And last but certainly not least, “So What Do You Do, Anil Dash“. It’s a really long interview with me by the folks at Mediabistro, in advance of my presentation at the Mediabistro Circus event on Tuesday. If you know me, there’s probably few surprises, but I was happy to get the chance to articulate a lot of points that I otherwise don’t usually talk about explicitly. Most of all, I am really glad to help emphasize how vibrant the technology scene is here in New York City; My biggest goal in participating in these sorts of conferences here in New York is to show people that there’s a lot more going on with tech here than people might realize if they’re myopically focused on just Silicon Valley.