Me and Your Bicycle

Obama Bicycle Book

My friend Mat Honan amused and beguiled you a few months ago with Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle. As is the course of such things, he got a book deal for his efforts, despite having been responsible for the onslaught of unfunny ripoffs of the site which followed his success.

But, I take some very small satisfaction in this whole thing because Mat very graciously credits me (both in the book and in conversation) with having helped spread the word about his site. It’s just another in the long string of goofy web memes for which I have become an unofficial ambassador. It’s a good thing there’s no Hell, or surely I’d rot in it for all that I’ve done.

At any rate, Mat’s quite an entertaining and engaging interviewee, as evidenced by his recent stint on Internet Superstar, and as there’s a totally gratuitous and flattering mention of me at about the four-minute mark, I felt obliged to link to it here.

You can buy Mat’s book at Amazon and other reputable booksellers near you.