At Ten Years, I'm Taking Requests

In two weeks, I’ll be marking the 10 year anniversary of blogging on I’m celebrating by making a simple request: Tell me what you’d like to see me blog about. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to every request that’s made, but I am going to try to cherry-pick the best ideas that fit into what this site is all about. (If you’re curious what that means, check out my Best Of, or just view the Most Popular things I’ve written.)

To support the effort, I’m taking off the next few weeks to focus primarily on writing and researching. While it might seem like a weird way to spend a “vacation”, running this site over the past 10 years has been among the most fulfilling and rewarding things I’ve done in my life. So it only seemed natural to me to dedicate even more time and energy to it.

And to that end, if you’re in the NYC area and we haven’t had the chance to meet up in person, or it’s been too long since we’ve caught up, drop me a line to or give me a ring at (646) 833 8659 and if I’ve got time, I’m happy to grab coffee or a drink with anybody who’s a reader of this site. (I’m also open to suggestions of things I should check out in NYC that I might have missed — the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel is already on my list, but I’m open to anything. And you know, parties and meetups are fun, too.)

Thanks to everybody for helping me celebrate my site’s anniversary in style, and I look forward to getting even more ideas and inspiration from all of you!