What We Can Do Together

Toward the end of every year, as people are thinking of making donations to charities either as an act of goodwill, or to help reduce their tax burden, or both, I try to work with my online networks to help out causes I believe in. And every year, I’m blown away by the generosity and creativity of the people I’m connected to.

2014 was no exception in this regard. First, we tried to help Family Care International, which fights for reproductive health and education around the world. The response was extraordinary.

As amazing as that was, it didn’t prepare me for what was next. We set out to support DonorsChoose.org, and provide resources for schools and teachers in need.

And my incredible network of friends astounded me.

I don’t ever take for granted that I’ve been given an incredible platform on these various social networks, and I thank everybody who’s inspired me by trying to give back using these ridiculous little technological tools.