enjoying linky love

As young Anakin Skywalker might say, "Yippee!" I was not once, not twice, but thrice linked yesterday, all by esteemed logs.

To follow my progression as a meme, one can see me pop up at PeterMe, and then progress to Eatonweb, whence came a mention (and rather neat rebuttal by Dan Hartung to my thoughts on Staples, et al.) over at Lake Effect.

Of course, much to my chagrin, the influx of new visitors were brought in just in time to notice that most of my Dumb Pictures were broken links. Egg on my face, indeed.

And as to Peter’s comment that my site lacks info on me, well far be it from me to not indulge my self-centered nature… expect tons of Anil-related content to unveil itself here shortly…