How To Visit New York: Outside Opinions

As I’ve been sharing my opinions about how to visit New York this week, I’ve been lucky enough to get some great responses from other people on the web, and to find some terrific resources for visitors to check out. So far my own series on how to visit New York I’ve covered what you can skip, what you must see, and the basics.

  • New Yorkology posted a nice link to my series, but Amy Langfeld’s New York Travel Guide is indispensable for anyone who wants to visit the Big Apple, and well deserving of its many accolades. Tips are organized by geography, by topic, and by convenient groupings like “Kids” and “Romance”.
  • David’s thoughtful response, with the wonderful introduction stating, “I am adding my own two cents here, because the great thing about Manhattan is that it is a different experience everyday, for everyone. So, here is my Do-It-Yourself Manhattan Tourists’ Guide: What to do before and when you get here.”
  • And then, perhaps most amusingly, Mike Monteiro’s inimitable How to Visit San Francisco over on the Mule Design blog. Not merely inspired by my post, but just plain inspired: “Try to remember that they don’t mean to be rude, they’re just thinking of the excellent gas mileage they’re getting on their Toyota Prius.” You can also see Mike’s initial response to my series. The only things I’d add are bring a sweater, and the place you’re going is closed.
  • Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the invaluable resources at Ask MetaFilter, one of my favorite sites and quite simply one of the best sites on the web. Check out the questioned tagged New York or NYC or New York City (or, uh, just “york“) and you can harness some fantastic collected wisdom from lots of knowledgeable contributors. Update: Here’s an awesome sneak preview you should check out — TravelFilter for New York, NY. It’s a collection of all Ask MetaFilter posts geocoded for New York City, nicely displayed and complete with a map. Very cool.